Cathlyn Driscoll, Artist, (Nickname: Happigal) specializing in Alcohol Inks
Hello! Many thanks for popping by my art website! I hope you take some time to explore.
I just love alcohol ink paintings and love teaching it as well. I love other art mediums too,
but find alcohol inks sing to my soul. If you have found me we are kindred spirits!

Art Classes & Workshops
Yes! I teach art classes, artworkshops online! I specialize in abstract alcohol ink workshops/classes.
Please visit me and the entire team at  

Art Commissions
While I do have several of my pieces available as prints, please feel free to reach out to me about art commissions.
I have done larger commissions, and small ones too- even 5x7's! 
Hope to hear from you. - Cathlyn**

Below are some of my alcohol ink images available in prints, on bags, tshirts available for sale.

Cathlyn A. Driscoll, 
(aka: CathlyndHappigal)
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