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I have the good fortune to be on the board of directors of the Pacem in Terris Museum in Warwick N.Y. The late Frederick Franck,was the creator of Pacem in Terris, and a friend of mine. Frederick had worked along side Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, in Lambaréné, French Equatorial Africa. ‘Pacem in Terris’ means “Peace on Earth” - Frederick’s Pacem, is an outdoor sculpture garden, and spiritual sanctuary in upstate New York.

My background includes being an award winning web/graphic/multimedia designer,  adjunct professor, associate art director, videotape operator and photographer. I have a B.A. in Theater (Television Production)from Rutgers University, and an Associate’s of Applied Science in Graphic Design from Sussex County Community College in New Jersey.

JM Turner, Marc Rothko, Pablo Picasso, Frederick Franck, and Peter Max.

Jersey Girl:
Having grown up in northern NJ, I now reside in St. Augustine Beach, Florida with my husband
of 34 years, Michael.

I am grateful for my husband, our two sons, Christian & David, and daughter-in-law, Jennifer. I am also indebted to my siblings, Tim & Judi, extended family and friends.

Purchases of my art - 10% of net profits will be donated to the Pacem in Terris Museum in Warwick, NY
For additional information about Frederick Franck,  and Pacem in Terris, please visit: http://www.frederickfranck.org/

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Where/  St. Augustine, Fl 32080
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